• On The Issues

Diane was raised by a single mother who often struggled to pay the rent, but who also taught Diane the value of always caring for those who need a little help. Diane has dedicated her life to creating opportunity and standing up for others. She knows there are no easy solutions to the challenges facing Coloradans, she knows the corrosive power of big money and special interests in politics, and she is dedicated to standing up for Western and Southern Colorado.  Now, more than ever, we need a seasoned, tested, trusted leader like Diane in Washington. 

Diane is a true problem solver. She found solutions to the challenges her rural communities faced as a County Commissioner and a State Representative, leading through the Great Recession, catastrophic wildfires, severe drought, flood, spruce beetle infestations, and the Swine Flu. She brought opposing sides together for real solutions: fighting for multimodal transportation, working with both ranchers and environmentalists to protect Colorado’s water and wildlife habitats, and bringing opportunity to rural communities. Unlike many politicians, Diane always reads bills before casting her vote, and she’s running to bring evidence-based, thoughtful governance back to Washington. 

Diane is a legislator dedicated to policy based on facts, not ideology. She is tireless in her work representing Coloradans, is always willing to listen to her constituents’ concerns, and is a champion for the environment. I’ve met very few people who read bills as thoroughly as she does and who require such clear evidence to cast her vote. I am happy to endorse her campaign for U.S. Congress.

Mark Udallformer U.S. Senator for Colorado
Paid for by Diane for Colorado CD3