• Meet Diane

I’m Diane Mitsch Bush. I am a former tenured professor, Routt County Commissioner, and State Representative, and I have lived and worked in Colorado’s Western Slope for over 43 years.

I was raised by a single mother and I experienced an early childhood of financial insecurity and the stress that comes with not knowing if we would be able to make our rent. Life changed when my mother joined the public employees union AFSCME, and I experienced firsthand how a stable, good paying job with benefits can provide dignity, security, and stability for working families.  

My family’s early struggles taught me the importance of compassion and helping others and have led me to a lifetime of volunteering and public service.

I first served the community as a social science policy researcher and through citizen advocacy in numerous non-profit groups for years before running for office and winning my first election for Routt County Commissioner. As a commissioner, I helped balance the county’s budget for 6 years, including during the Great Recession.

I worked as a Colorado State House Representative from 2013-2017 and routinely reached across the aisle to extend the Front Range recovery and prosperity to our state’s rural areas. I have stood up to lobbyists from the oil and gas industry, sponsoring legislation to protect our environment and keep polluters accountable. I’ve worked to authorize same-day voter registration, ensuring our democracy is accessible to all. 

  • Delivering for Colorado

With colleagues from both sides of the aisle, I sponsored or co-sponsored bills to:

  • lower healthcare and health insurance costs
  • increase funding for rural schools and junior colleges
  • expand job training programs for workers and veterans
  • protect everyone’s civil and human rights
  • protect Western Slope water from new trans-basin diversions
  • set goals for lowering Colorado’s carbon footprint and protect public lands
  • remove barriers to entry in agriculture for young ranchers and farmers

Over 80% of my bills in the State House were co-prime sponsored with rural Republicans. I’ve earned the reputation for bringing people together, working across the aisle, and focusing on practical solutions, not party ideology. Click here to read my full qualifications.

Now, I am running for Congress because our democracy has stopped working for us. Corporations and the 1% are amassing ever more wealth and power, while Coloradans are finding it harder to get by every day. Unions are under attack. Healthcare costs are bankrupting families. Our beautiful public lands are in danger of privatization and climate change is an existential threat to our planet.

In Congress, I will fight for everyone to afford the healthcare they need, keep our public lands public, expand renewable energy, invest in our infrastructure, protect Social Security and Medicare, and bring more good-paying jobs to our communities.  

I will put people and communities in the district first – not corporations, lobbyists, big donors or Washington insiders. I work for you – not them, and I will be your strong voice for a more just, sustainable, and prosperous future for all. 

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