• Jobs and Our Economy

Diane will fight for an economy that works for everyone and holds real opportunity for all of us, not just the top 1%. In Congress, Diane will fund and implement infrastructure projects – these create stable, well-paying jobs while helping rebuild our communities – prioritizing transportation, broadband, renewables, water, and our electric grid. Establishing a federal infrastructure bank would create a consistent source of funds.

Ensuring a just transition for individuals working in Colorado’s coal, oil, and gas industries is also critical. This fight is personal for Diane. Diane knows many people who are at risk of losing their livelihoods when those mines and power plants shut down as the market moves away from non-renewable energy sources. Diane knows that we need a combination of tax incentives, community loans, and small business grants to revitalize communities that coal, oil, and gas industries are progressively abandoning. She will work to expand job training and matching programs that match workers’ existing skills with well-paying, in-demand jobs.

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