• Equality and Rights

When Diane was a Colorado State Representative, she consistently earned 100% ratings from human rights, civil rights, and voting rights groups. In Congress, she will fight the Trump administration’s assault on vulnerable communities.

Diane supports comprehensive immigration reforms and making DACA permanent. In the Colorado legislature in 2013, Diane co-sponsored legislation to allow Dreamers to receive in-state college tuition and will continue to fight for immigrant rights in Congress. 

She is an ardent defender of women’s rights. As a County Commissioner, Diane ensured that the allocation of human resources to the county included funds for the local, rural Planned Parenthood clinic. Diane has received 100% ratings from the Planned Parenthood Action Fund and NARAL and will protect a woman’s right to choose by fully funding Planned Parenthood. She will support the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment, ensure equal pay for equal work, expand family leave, and protect pregnant and nursing workers.

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