Testimonials for Diane:

Diane fights for the interests of House District 26--whether that's expanding economic opportunity, improving our education system, protecting our environment, or improving our infrastructure. We need to reelect Diane so she can continue to help House District 26 and move our state forward.


United States Senator Michael Bennet

October 30, 2016



“In the legislature there are statesmen and there are politicians. Rep. Mitsch Bush is a true statesman. She looks to Colorado’s future, not just her next election. She always does her homework and asks tough questions in committee.”


- Steve Holdren, Colorado Livestock Association, presenting the 2015 Legislative Award from the Colorado Livestock Association to Diane, June 2015



"In an era where politicians are more beholden to their parties than their people, Rep. Mitsch Bush is unique: always prepared, always focused on her constituents and not afraid to cross the aisle to do what’s best for the citizens of Colorado.


During the many years I spent advocating for Colorado’s rural schools, Rep. Mitsch Bush was always someone I could count on to listen, ask the right questions, do the research, and then work with ALL of her colleagues (D and R) to get things done.


- Paula Stephenson

Former Executive Director Colorado Rural Schools Alliance “


To Whom It May Concern:


We hear many things about our politicians these days and rarely do we hear the good, well it’s easy to say that State Representative Diane Mitsch Bush is a good public servant and politician.  She is one of those rare individuals entirely dedicated to the service of others; she was this way as a County Commissioner and now as a State Representative.  Diane is hard working and holds true to a high set of personal values including giving to others in need.  The only wish I would have is that all our state legislators would have the same character traits as State Representative Diane Mitsch Bush.




- Scott H. Mader


Former Superintendent of Hayden School District and South Routt School District and presently Superintendent of Trinidad School District #1



“Diane has worked hard on many issues that are important to us … she works tirelessly, researches issues thoroughly, and votes thoughtfully.”

-Dave and Andie Bombard, Owners

Bishop Bindings, Edwards, CO



I have had several opportunities to observe and interact with our state representative, Diane Mitsch Bush, at a variety of different events. I have found Diane to be an accessible and hard-working representative for our local district and feel she will continue to represent us well.


Diane frequently holds town halls and other forums, presenting an opportunity for a candid and transparent dialogue with her constituents to discuss legislation, needs of the district and ways she can continue to be of service. She has always been willing to listen to all sides and pro-actively solicits information and advice from all stakeholders on issues. This is likely the reason she has had such great success in working across party lines to initiate, support and pass legislation that is important to our area. This sort of collaborative and open approach helps all of us by giving us a strong and respected voice at the Capitol.


In addition to her open approach, I have also been impressed with the level of dedication and hard work that she has shown. She tirelessly researches and discusses each issue to ensure that her decisions at the Capitol are supported by her constituents and by the facts on each issue.


I am proud to have a transparent, fair and tireless advocate at the state Capitol and hope you will join me in voting to re-elect Diane Mitsch Bush.


- Megan Gilman




It is my great pleasure to inform you that the board of directors of the Colorado Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons - the professional society for Colorado ophthalmologists - has endorsed your candidacy for reelection.  We have notified all the members of CSEPS of the endorsement.


This is the first election that CSEPS has endorsed candidates and we are pleased that you are among the first.  CSEPS is a non-partisan organization

and the endorsements are based on an assessment of the quality of legislative work that an incumbent legislator has demonstrated. While medical issues are of course of paramount interest to the physicians, other issues that are critical to the State of Colorado are also taken into consideration.


- Dick Brown




I am writing this letter to ask for support in re-electing our state House representative Diane Mitsch Bush.


In 2014, Diane worked on legislation that resulted in tax incentives for small business investment, job creation and targeted job training; child care tax credits for working families; veterans assistance; disaster relief; funding for creative industries and tourism; advancing the field of renewable energy; energy efficiency; increased funding for preschool, K-12, and higher education; wastewater and drinking water projects; and an overhaul of Colorado driver’s license offices.


Rep. Mitsch Bush is well known for being responsive to her constituents. Colorado Capitol Watch, a non-partisan watchdog group, named Diane the most effective freshman representative in 2013. I particularly appreciate her advocacy and work with local governments around I-70 transportation issues. In fact, look for 2015 legislation on the topic. Mail-in ballots come out in October. I urge you to vote to re-elect Diane Mitsch Bush for state representative.


- Josh Lautenberg



"I have known Diane since I moved to Steamboat Springs. She possesses a blend of intelligence, energy and professionalism that is rare in politics. Her leadership and votes on important issues reflect her commitment to a just, equitable and sustainable Colorado. It’s not just a tagline."

- Reed Morris, Attorney, Steamboat Springs, Board Member Colorado Foundation for Water Education


"I've had the honor of working with Diane over the past five years. She is articulate, thoughtful, well informed, and fully engaged. Diane will be a strong champion for Eagle and Routt Counties' interests at the State Capitol."

- Peter Runyon

Eagle County Commissioner



"Diane's effectiveness at the county level means the legislature will gain an experienced Western Slope voice for our mountain communities."

- Millie Hamner

State Rep. (currently represents Eagle County in old House District 56)


"Diane Mitsch Bush has been a tireless advocate for this beautiful valley as long as I have known her. She has a genuine concern for our heritage as well as our future, she has a true grasp of what is right and what is wrong, and she has endless intellect and energy. Her vision for the Yampa Valley is a priceless gift, not only to us, but to our children. I know that she will represent the people of the Roaring Fork and Eagle Valleys with the same dedication and integrity. That's who she is."

- Mary J. Melius

Steamboat Springs Businesswoman



"Diane is the only Democrat on the ballot getting my vote in November. Her representation on the Oil and Gas issues facing Routt County and Colorado are bold, brave and in the best interest for the future of our community and Colorado. Be very sure that you understand the local issues before voting a party line. Diane will listen to all sides, represent us in Denver and vote for what is right for Routt County."

- Bethanne Dressel (R)

Steamboat Business Owner



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