Talk is cheap and plentiful in campaigns, but as a dedicated public servant for over a decade my record demonstrates that I consistently fight for my constituents.



This District needs a Representative who supports and preserves family agriculture.

  • Repeal the Trump Tax provisions that hurt rural communities
  • Support a Farm Bill that actually works for family agriculture
  • Ensure hemp farmers can use their water rights
  • Remove federal obstacles to a vital cannabis industry
  • Ensure the continuation of loans for family farms, ranches, and small businesses
  • I was awarded Legislator of the Year in 2017 by both the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union and The Colorado Livestock Association for my work on ranching and farming


Campaign Reform:

We must ensure government by the people, not dollars.

  • End Citizens United by constitutional amendment
  • Support campaign disclosure and new reporting requirements to get Dark Money out of politics
  • Protect and expand voter access and registration, especially for minority communities
  • End voter suppression initiatives
  • I’ve taken the No Corporate PAC Pledge as well as the OFF Fossil Fuel Pledge
  • I’m the only candidate in the race to have taken the Colorado Democratic Party’s Clean Campaign Pledge because I believe in running a positive, factual campaign that does not attack my opponents



We must expand economic opportunity for all and create an economy that works for everyone, not just the top 1%.

  • Incentivize small business expansion and living-wage job growth by supporting our local communities
  • Invest in 21st Century infrastructure like water, broadband, multimodal transportation, and renewables
  • Raise the minimum wage and index it to the cost of living
  • Disincentivize corporations from taking jobs overseas by implementing effective taxation policy
  • Support collective bargaining
  • Protect Net Neutrality to ensure equal opportunity and to ensure small businesses can compete right off the bat
  • Ensure equal pay for equal work



I will invest in public education, increase teacher pay, and reduce the student debt burden so our children receive the education and skills they need to succeed in today’s economy.

  • Universal pre-K
  • Fund vocational training
  • Expand apprenticeship opportunities
  • Regulate the for-profit college industry
  • Protect students and families from predatory lending
  • Protect Pell Grants that help hard working students



I will protect Colorado’s environment, public lands, air, water, and wildlife habitat from oil and gas development while increasing the development of clean, renewable energy. Our environment is our heart and soul, but it is also the foundation of our economy here in Colorado.

  • Fight climate change
  • Strive to uphold the Paris Climate Accord goals
  • End fossil fuel subsidies
  • Enact strong science-based protections for Colorado’s environment
  • Fund more effective waste disposal and recycle programs to prevent toxins entering our environment
  • I helped develop and implement Colorado’s Water Plan
  • I was Conservation Colorado’s 2017 Legislator of the Year, honored for my decades of work to protect our environment.


Foreign Policy:

We must avoid ideology and enact rational, evidence-based foreign policy and national security.

  • Reform our military contracts and the spending of the Pentagon
  • Insist that any act of hostilities, not in self-defense, must obtain authorization from Congress
  • Repeal 2001 Authorization For The Use of Military Force
  • Support a two-state solution for Palestine and Israel
  • Support global denuclearization


Gun Safety:

Enough is enough. We need real public safety. I have an F rating with the NRA and I stood up to them in 2013 by voting for universal background checks and magazine limits for Colorado.

  • Support true, nation-wide universal background checks similar to the ones we passed here in Colorado
  • Pass an effective and long-term assault weapons ban
  • Sponsor legislation to ban bump stocks
  • Fund national research on gun use, safety, and violence prevention at the CDC
  • I have the seal of distinction from Moms Demand Action and I’ve been endorsed by LEAP Forward
  • Every year while serving in the Colorado House, I received 100% ratings from Ceasefire Colorado



I support universal, single-payer healthcare so that everyone has access to affordable, high quality healthcare. Healthcare is a right and everyone should have the opportunity to live a healthy life.

  • Improve the Affordable Care Act by changing the 2-earner glitch and solving the cliff effect
  • Defend Medicare and Medicaid, CHIP, and our rural health clinics
  • Fund behavioral healthcare and drug prevention programs
  • Address the opioid crisis with sufficient funds
  • Make prescription drugs more affordable by allowing the Federal Government to negotiate
  • Protect women’s access to reproductive healthcare and the right to choose an abortion
  • I am the only candidate it this race rated a Champion by the Colorado Foundation For Universal Healthcare


Human Rights:

It’s critical that we stop this administration’s rollback of our rights and fight for equal protection of all people under the Constitution. Everyone, no matter where they are from, the color of their skin, their gender, or whom they love, has the opportunity to work hard to reach their dreams.

  • Prevent discrimination
  • Ban racial profiling
  • Reform mass surveillance and protect your right to privacy on the internet
  • Fight for the right to a harassment-free workplace, school, and community
  • End arbitrary and indefinite detention
  • Support the rights of our minority communities



The US needs to create practical, compassionate, bipartisan, evidence-based immigration reform.

  • Pass a clean Dream Act
  • Fix work visa programs like H1B and H2B
  • End family detention and separation
  • Create a predictable path to citizenship
  • Help Dreamers afford the education they deserve, like the legislation I co-sponsored in 2013 to give Dreamers in-state college tuition



Labor is critical for our country as a strong labor movement creates opportunity for all.

  • Support a major public investment in infrastructure jobs of at least 1 trillion over 5 years
  • Support Green New Deal
  • Pass Full Employment Act
  • Support collective bargaining
  • Repeal Taft-Hartley
  • I’ve been endorsed by the Colorado AFL-CIO, which represents 130,000 working Coloradans, because I’ve supported working families and I’ll continue to fight for unions and all working people.


Women’s Rights:

I have stood up for women’s rights all my adult life, first as an activist, then as a policy researcher and tenured professor, then as an elected public servant. I know what life was like before Roe v. Wade and we can never go back. Protecting women’s rights and reproductive health is the foundation of economic independence for women.

  • Oppose all efforts to reduce or hamstring Title X family planning funding
  • Oppose all efforts to reduce Medicaid and restrict family planning provisions in Medicaid
  • Stand up completely for Roe v. Wade and oppose ANY efforts to weaken or overturn
  • Support and co-sponsor gun safety bills because gun violence in domestic situations is a major cause of death and injury to women
  • Fight any attempt to put “personhood” on the ballot
  • Make birth control more accessible
  • Demand women receive equal pay for equal work
  • Fund paid parental leave and defend pregnancy protections for working women
  • Support and defend the 1994 Violence Against Women Act.
  • Fight for the Equal Rights Amendment
  • Co-sponsor HR 4396 ME TOO Act.
  • Support Violence against Women Veterans Act.
  • All 5 years that I served in the State House I received 100% report cards from all the women’s rights groups





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