As your State Representative, I have been formally recognized since 2013 as an effective legislator who works across the aisle for evidence-based bills to help all Coloradans. I worked to make our Colorado State Government more accountable, fiscally responsible, transparent, responsive, effective, and nimble. Here are some of my successes advocating for the people of Colorado:


Expand Economic Opportunities and Create Jobs

  • Provided on-the-job skills, training, and experience by extending the ReHire Colorado program
  • Funded tourism and creative industries
  • Supported our veterans as they return from service by increasing services and job training partnerships by matching employers’ needs with veteran’s skills.
  • Stimulated rural businesses and rural job growth by simplifying complex hydroelectric permitting processes for small facilities (HB14-1030).
  • Helped incentivize community solar gardens by simplifying geographical and jurisdictional requirements


Support local farmers and ranchers

  • Established tax deductions for those that lease out agricultural assets such as land to beginning farmers and ranchers (HB16-1194)
  • Co-sponsored a bill to clarify that hardworking farmers can irrigate their hemp farms
  • Support our future agricultural leaders through supporting the work of 4H
  • Co-sponsored a series of bills to remove obstacles for hemp cultivators. This includes SB 17-090 to measure the level of THC in hemp crops, as requested by the Colorado Department of Agriculture
  • Co-sponsored rural veterinary education loan repayment program to keep our animals and livestock healthy

Reduce healthcare costs and health insurance costs

  • Directed the Division of Insurance to examine the potential impact of a statewide risk pool on health insurance premiums across the state (HB16-1336)
  • Co-sponsored creation of a Health Care Cost Commission to examine and the costs of healthcare in Colorado (SB14-187)
  • Created and co-prime sponsored a bill to provide temporary assistance to those overburdened by their health insurance premiums (HB17-1235); passed the State House, but unfortunately died in the Republican controlled State Senate


Protect our air, water, public health, wildlife habitat, and public lands

  • Helped create the nation’s first State Public Lands Day (SB16-021)
  • Helped establish renewable energy standards for electric co-ops (SB13-252)
  • Boosted wildfire preparedness and prevention
  • Allowed personal collection of rainwater
  • Found funding through the Healthy Rivers Tax Check-off for cleanup and stream management programs (HB 15-1252)
  • Worked to keep our rivers free-flowing and healthy in their basin of origin, especially in the 2015 Colorado Water Plan
  • Invest in transportation, water, and broadband infrastructure
  • Funded transportation, road expansion needs, and the Safe Routes to School program
  • Ensured that we as a state continue to fund transit programs, such as Bustang, by opposing bills that would have eliminated essential funding
  • Introduced and supported legislation to propose solutions to our transportation needs as 2017 Chair of the House Transportation and Energy Committee and of the Interim Joint Transportation Legislation Review Committee
  • Made sure that our kids, regardless of the district they live in, can get to school safely by protecting funding for the Safe Routes to School program (HB14-1301)


Expand Educational Opportunities

  • Sponsored and passed the Debt Free Schools Act (HB16-1354) with bipartisan support
  • Capped yearly tuition increases at 6% for our state public universities and colleges
  • Funded grants for adult education and literacy across Colorado to increase economic opportunity and help struggling adults find jobs to support themselves and their families
  • Co-Sponsored a bill with Durango’s Barbara McLaughlan to create a strategic plan to address teacher shortages in rural Colorado


Defend our Human and Civil Rights

  • Provided legal representation for victims of family violence through Family Violence Justice Grants.
  • Strengthened enforcement mechanisms that prohibit discrimination in employment, housing and with public accommodation by funding the Colorado Civil Rights Commission
  • Repeatedly supported measures to equalize pay differences between men and women


I am recognized state-wide for my hard work championing these issues:

     2017 Legislator of the Year, Conservation Colorado

     2015 Legislator of the Year, Rocky Mountain Farmers Union

     2015 Legislator of the Year, Colorado Livestock Association

     2013 Most Effective Freshman Legislator, Colorado Capitol Watch


Read More:

Link to my Passed Bills 2013-2016 (PDF)




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