Progressive Democrats of America

"The Denver chapter of Progressive Democrats of America, PDA, is pleased to announce our endorsement for Diane Mitsch Bush, candidate for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District. Diane is an advocate for protecting rural lands and has signed the pledge in support of the OFF Fossil Fuels for a Better Future Act. She is passionate in her beliefs for universal, single-payer healthcare and has been diligent in her work ensuring that healthcare is affordable for all Coloradans.  Diane also recognizes that a clean Dream Act is essential and knows that immigration reform is achievable.  Denver PDA is proud to endorse Diane and appreciates that she will continue listening to her constituents and continue fighting for them."


Gunnison Political Revolution

“The Gunnison Political Revolution is proud to announce its endorsement of Diane Mitsch Bush. In Diane we have found an energetic, authentic leader who can defeat Scott Tipton in 2018. When she does, she will champion progressive causes for a broad spectrum of supporters and issues from campaign finance reform to health care for all.  We hope you will join the Gunnison Political Revolution in getting her elected. She is one of us.”


Former U.S. Senator and former U.S. Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar

“Diane has gained a reputation, through her strong record, as a champion for the causes that matter most to us in the 3rd Congressional District. Whether she is dealing with water, jobs and the economy, public lands, agriculture, or transportation, Diane brings people of all political stripes to the table for common sense legislation that benefits her constituents. Only a person with Diane’s broad appeal and legislative experience can win back this seat for the people of CD3. I proudly endorse her.”


Blue Rising PAC

“Blue Rising is excited to endorse Diane Mitsch Busch for CD-3. We know that Diane will be an invaluable voice for the people of the district. As a former 2-term county commissioner and 3-term Colorado State House Representative, Diane has already proven to be a champion of women’s rights and environmental protection, and she’s worked tirelessly to expand economic opportunity for everyone. She has the experience, skills, and dedication to make our communities stronger and safer.”


Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for Intergovernmental Affairs and former Colorado Congresswoman, Betsy Markey

“It’s important to have smart and thoughtful women like Diane in Congress, who will lead with a strong sense of purpose and a good heart.”


Colorado House Majority Leader, KC Becker

“I proudly endorse State Representative Diane Mitsch Bush for the U.S. House of Representatives. It’s high time Southern Colorado and Colorado’s Western Slope have the representation in Washington that we deserve and Diane is the woman for the job! I’ve fought alongside Diane on a number of issues and each and every time I have worked with her, she fiercely advocates for her constituents and stands up to special interests for the unique communities that make up her district. Diane’s current State House District neighbors mine to the west, stretching from the Wyoming Border in Routt County down to Eagle County and the Roaring Fork valley—so she gets it: She has seen firsthand the challenges that rural Colorado is facing, and she will work tirelessly to find solutions to benefit her rural constituents just as she has done in the Colorado House. I’ve worked alongside Diane on issues such as: Protecting our environment, water, and wildlife, making quality health care accessible and affordable, leveling the economic playing field, and increasing the quality of life for all Coloradans by creating good paying jobs and expanding educational opportunities for all. For too long, Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District has NOT been getting the representation it deserves. Let’s change that. I’ve known Diane since I first came on board at the Colorado State Legislature in 2013. We served together on the House Agriculture, Livestock, and Natural Resources Committee, and I saw firsthand how knowledgeable she is on issues that are integral to our Colorado way of life and more importantly – how willing she is to listen to and share the concerns of her constituents.”


Representative Daneya Esgar from Pueblo

“Diane has been a champion for our water rights and worked with countless people throughout the state to help create our Colorado Water Plan. As Vice-Chair of the Agriculture Committee she fought for family ranchers and farmers, earning recognition from the Farm Bureau and Legislator of the Year from both The Rocky Mountain Farmer’s Union and The Colorado Livestock Association. Diane will always fight for her constituents and I'm excited to endorse her to unseat Scott Tipton.”


Representative Barbara McLachlan from Durango

“I’m thrilled to announce that I endorse Diane Mitsch Bush in her bid for Congress!From the first day we worked together at the State Legislature, I knew my time spent with Diane wouldn’t only build a partnership; we built a lasting friendship, rooted in our shared values. Diane advocates for the environment, making health care accessible and affordable, creating good paying jobs, and access to quality education for all. Because she serves as the chairwoman of a committee I’m on—the Transportation & Energy Committee—I’ve had a front row seat to witness Diane’s work ethic. What struck me after working alongside her this past session is that she always does her homework. She doesn’t just accept information as she hears it; Diane does extensive research into topics and how a bill would affect her district before making her decision on how to vote. A Steamboat Springs local for over 40 years, Diane understands the issues small towns face, including the high cost of living and how our problems differ from those facing the Front Range. Her passion for and knowledge of how to address the issues facing the Western Slope mean she is a valued, respected voice in our committee meetings. Working toward a better future for all has been Diane’s life mission: working as a public servant for the past 40 years. Before she was elected as the State Representative for Eagle County & Routt County, Diane served two terms as a Routt County Commissioner where she worked with ranchers, farmers, and cattlemen to address issues in the community. Diane knows what it means to live in rural Colorado. And frankly, she doesn’t take grief. Diane knows what her district needs, knows what it’ll take to make real change, and knows how to fight to make it happen. It’s obvious when you meet Diane that working toward a better, more equitable and sustainable Colorado for all is her passion. It’s past time to take back this seat from Scott Tipton. I am confident Diane is the candidate who will win this race. With proud enthusiasm, I support Diane Mitsch Bush as the Democratic Congressional Candidate in 2018.”


Representative Jessie Danielson from Wheat Ridge

“I’m thrilled to endorse State Representative Diane Mitsch Bush in her bid to unseat Scott Tipton in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District. I’ve known Diane since 2014, when I started serving in the Colorado State Legislature. She currently represents a rural district in the Colorado House—House District 26, Eagle County & Routt County. I grew up on a family farm in Ault, Colorado, which means I get it: agriculture is the foundation of everything we are and are able to do here in Colorado. Diane serves as the Vice-Chair of a committee I also sit on, the House Agriculture, Livestock, and Natural Resources Committee. I saw firsthand how knowledgeable she is on issues that are integral to our way of life such as water rights, land usage, wildlife preservation and protecting the environment. I have also fought alongside Diane on other issues, such as: Defending pro-choice policies, ensuring quality education for our students, and working to open more doors to success for all Coloradans—especially working-class families. Diane has pledged to address the sky-high cost of health care and health premiums in rural Colorado, as evident by her bill HB17-1235 from this past session. Her dedication to working for Coloradans is apparent in the bills she has put forward during the past two sessions we've served together in the Colorado House of Representatives.”


Representative Adrienne Benavidez of Adams County

“Diane will stand up for the rights of all people. I have seen her do it in Colorado’s State House. She is a courageous and effective legislator who can be trusted to fight for her constituents.”


Former Town Trustee from San Luis, The Honorable Gabrielle V. Aragon

“I am excited to formally endorse Diane Mitsch Bush in her bid to unseat Scott Tipton in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District. For those of you who do not know me, my name is Gabrielle Aragon. I am an 8th generation Coloradan from San Luis, the oldest town in Colorado located in Costilla County -- “where Colorado began”. The values instilled in me, passed down by my forefathers, are the pillars of Colorado; they are that of land, water (sin agua no hay vida), people, agriculture, and faith. I grew up knowing that a person’s name and reputation are the most valuable aspects of one’s character. I am cautious of those I recommend to others and I would only endorse someone who will truly represent the values of San Luis, someone who will listen to our community and work for our people. Diane is that person. When I first met Diane years ago, she stood out to me because she had an effervescent energy about representing people. Diane is one of the most approachable, down-to-earth, passionate, and intelligent representatives I know. She takes the time to truly engage with people by listening, asking questions, hearing ideas and concerns, and gaining perspective. Diane is someone who is eager to roll up her sleeves to find solutions and help out everyday people. She took many of our values to the State Capital and reminded Denver that we are part of Colorado too! For these efforts, she was named Legislature of the Year for her work on the House Agriculture Committee and the Natural Resources Committee. Rural Colorado and rural America have become neglected in Washington politics. We are not truly represented or respected. When I became the youngest elected official in Colorado, I encountered dead ends in trying to improve the quality of life for my constituency – I know how difficult it can be. Diane always works for her people and she will build the bridges over which our community can cross. Diane will fight to provide quality jobs, a world-class education, affordable healthcare and incentives for farmers. She will protect our way of life and the environment here in San Luis. We are from the greatest and most fertile valley on earth, but just because we are from a valley doesn't mean our voices should be trapped, forgotten or treated like second-class citizens. We in San Luis are Coloradans, but above all we are Americans and demand the best! That is why Diane Mitsch Bush is the best candidate in this race, on any side, to represent our values and to fight for what everyday people like you and me need. It’s long overdue. Whether you own 5 cattle or 50,000 cattle, use the water to ski in the winter or to irrigate in the spring for your peaches, potatoes, alfalfa or a small garden, be confident that Diane will always create the best opportunity for everyone.”


Former Colorado Director of Local Affairs and former Fort Collins Mayor, Susan Kirkpatrick

“I have seen Diane in action since the mid-1980’s when she served on the Fort Collins Committee on the Status of Women and I was the Mayor of Fort Collins. She is tenacious and brings people together for effective legislative solutions. Her knowledge of transportation funding and policies and her passion for real infrastructure investment will help move Washington in the right direction.”


Former Vice President of Colorado Mountain College Edwards, Peggy Curry

“When I first voted for Diane for the Colorado State House, I was certain she would succeed given her local government experience and her understanding of the particular challenges that Colorado faces. She has exceeded all expectations. She has an unbelievable work ethic and we need her now more than ever. She is our best choice for healing the divisiveness in D.C. and achieving desperately needed bi-partisan legislation on education reform, healthcare, and climate change.”


Former Chair of the Colorado Democratic Party, Pat Waak


Former Colorado State Senator Angela Giron from Pueblo


Former Representative Ed Vigil from Pueblo


Former Gunnison County Commissioner, Paula Swenson






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